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By now, you’ve heard that many countries across the world are dealing with an opiate problem. The use of these powerful drugs often results in addiction. Opiates are drugs derived from the opium poppy plant. When the active ingredients are extracted and modified in the lab, the human-made products are called opioids. They are highly addictive.

The search for painkillers is as old as the human race. No wonder: A 2012 survey of US adults found that 40 million people had severe pain every day for the previous 90 days. Here are some effective, drug-free approaches to pain:

Chiropractic – Conservative, non-pharmacologic pain management should be explored before riskier and potentially addictive solutions.

Hot or cold – A change in temperature can often reduce painful symptoms. Use ice for a new injury and heat for an older, chronic injury.

Move – Physical activity can help interrupt the pain cycles associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia. Try walking, swimming or cycling.