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New Patient Center

Welcome to Champion Chiropractic! Our warm, fun and friendly environment is the ideal place to start your journey to healing and better health. Dr. Brit always ensures that her patients feel comfortable talking to her about what’s bothering them. She takes the time to listen and will never judge you. Her priority is getting you the care you need.


Your First Visit

After you’ve completed your paperwork, we will give you a brief office tour if you’re interested before we take you back to a room to meet with Dr. Brit. She will perform any necessary exams, and if she feels X-rays are needed, or a referral is required, she will make that referral before doing an adjustment. If, during this visit, we think you’re a good candidate for chiropractic care and don’t need a referral, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment that day — if you’re in agreement.

Your Second Visit

If you have X-rays taken, when those results come back Dr. Brit will give you your adjustment at that time. If you received your first adjustment at the previous visit, we will go over how your body responded and continue building upon your personalized treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Do I Have to Go Forever?

Your health care choices are always ultimately up to you. Dr. Brit will present a care plan that’s most advantageous to you. She will recommend the best course of care, just as she would if it were for her mother, brother or other family members. You’ll achieve optimal results and reduce the risk of re-injury or long-term effects by following this treatment plan.

Some patients, for example, may need to come in three times a week for four weeks and then gradually taper the visits. Others can benefit from coming in just once a month or once every few months. She will tailor your treatment plan to meet your individual needs.


Expect a fantastic experience at our upbeat and friendly practice. Book a same-day appointment today at our Stevens Point office!

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