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Champion Chiropractic Reviews

Feeling More Hopeful

I did not feel rushed through the entire first appointment. Brittany was thorough, friendly, and explained the movement examinations in a way that was extremely easy to understand. She walked me through each of the adjustments she was making and explained how each of them would affect me. We also went through a treatment plan to help improve the issues I was dealing with. I left feeling more hopeful that I will be pain free in the future and I look forward to continuing treatment with her.

– Jacob H.

I felt much better after one adjustment

My first time visit and I felt much better after one adjustment. It wasn’t that i wasn’t sore, but it was different than previously since my hips were so out of alignment. It was a good first impression and my original problem is much improved as the days go by.

– Stephanie W.

In Good Hands

Dr Jensen did good by having you buy his practice. While I will miss him, I am confident that I am in good ‘hands’….pun intended ;-) Thank you for being able to do adjustments on extremities as well.
– Anonymous

Feeling Amazing

Always great and helpful! They make personal calls to let patients know their phones are down and willing to make appointments throughout the week! Love going to see Dr. Brittany and getting back on track with feeling amazing!

– Ryan M.

Highly Recommended

Brittany LaRocque is an amazing chiropractor. When I became her patient, I was having mid-back pain and pain in both of my feet. Through her thorough examinations, she was able to diagnose the issues. Brittany’s ability to listen to my questions or concerns made me feel comfortable asking questions I thought might be silly. She explained in terms that I could easily understand as she laid out the plan for addressing and relieving my pain. From her compassionate and dedicated care, I know that with routine chiropractic care my pain has decreased immensely. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is searching for a chiropractor.

– Anita M

Compassionate and Confident Chiropractor

Our first meeting definitely could have been under better circumstance. I was in the most pain I had been in EVER! I was experiencing excruciating pain in my left arm. It hurt to stand, to lie down, and even to sit still. I had taken both pain pills and muscle relaxers but nothing seemed to help. And the pain was written all over my face. Brittany was so compassionate and confidant. She listened intently and thoroughly went over all the possible causes of my pain. Her findings were dead on! Upon my next visit a few days later, my progress was evident. A front desk personnel even commented that the look of pain in my face was gone. To make a long story short I HIGHLY recommend Dr. LaRocque.

– Aretha W.

Exemplary Care

When I met Dr. LaRocque I was a student. During the examination and following care that was given I could tell she cared a lot for her patients and for people in general. This was only cemented further as I later had to undergo surgery, she contacted me and asked of my status and quite honestly gave me the impression that each case was personal and she dealt with it as such. As a Doctor, I feel she is on par with the best and as a person I feel she exceeds the typical Doctor/patient relationship with exemplary care, thoroughness and concern. I would recommend her to all who need chiropractic care without equivocation.

– Richard G.

Highly Dedicated Chiropractor

I had the awesome privilege of having Brittany as my therapist and chiropractor. Brittany’s dedication helps people to live up to their full potential by the awesome care that she gives. When I was under Brittany’s care, I felt that I gained more range of motion, and less pain in my shoulder area. Brittany took the time to evaluate, research and prepare a game plan for my chiropractic and therapy needs. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the work that Brittany has done with me.

– Gail F.

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